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Travel back in time with me to 1940 as we listen to voices from the past, and consider how they impact the future.

War is raging in Europe. The United States is pulling out of the Depression, and a young boy in Ohio has a new home.

David was three years old when he came to live at The Ohio Masonic Home, and he remained part of the community until he graduated from Springfield High School at the age of 18. This same boy grew up, served in the U.S. Navy, got married, and became an active part of the Ohio Masonic Home Alumni organization. For the past several years, David and his wife, Linda, have contributed monthly to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation.

The Ohio Masonic Home was opened in the late 1800’s to both adults and children. By the time David came to live in Springfield, there were roughly 100 children living here.

During those days, everyone who was able contributed to accomplishing the daily tasks of life in a busy home. Not all jobs were easy or pleasant, but David shares, this prepared him for life. One of the tougher jobs was working on the farm harvesting grains that were grown. Boys would ride behind the picker and fill a trailer with grain. The debris coming out of the baler would stick to them in the heat. David laughingly recalls it could take three showers to get clean!

Talking about why they choose to support the Home, David says they helped him as a child and they continue to help   people. Linda’s mother lived at Pathways Memory Care Center for several years. Visiting her, they became more and more aware of what the Home does for adults. Linda says, “I think what we see at the Home is that they live serving others. Taking care of your neighbor. That’s why we support the Home.”

David wants everyone to know, The Ohio Masonic Home does so much taking care of people: There’s a lot of camaraderie. I still talk to people who used to live there and live there now. A couple times, I gave a talk on what it was like to be there as a child. It was interesting to people. I’m rather impressed with how the Masons cared for us. Times were hard. I felt I had the   best rearing available to anyone given the circumstances.

Just as David needed a new home in 1940, people continue to need a safe place to live – a place of caring – and community. You can be the reason someone peacefully puts their head down on their pillow at night, knowing they are safe, loved, and cared for. Because of the generosity of people like you, the voices of those who have been helped by The Ohio Masonic Home will continue to be heard. What a wonderful way to impact history.

Can I count on your support?


Brother Steven M. Petitjean
Executive Director

PS: Your tax-deductible donation will bless someone in need. Your generous gift provides for the physical and emotional well-being of those in our care.


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