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The world has changed dramatically in the past few months. For many, feelings of hope, excitement, and the promise of a bright future have been replaced with fear, loneliness and an uncertain tomorrow. But at The Ohio Masonic Home, we weren’t going to let yesterday’s challenges negatively affect our ability to rise and answer the call.

With foresight and dedication, combined with your generosity, we made sure to meet the challenges of this pandemic. COVID-19 may have created the problem, but we, together, are solving it.

Because of your kindness, we maintained full staffing levels at a time when other organizations were forced to reduce theirs. You helped guarantee residents had the opportunity to make connections regularly. Special activities were planned, including individual desserts, flower bouquets, boxes of chocolate, fireworks displays and much more. More importantly the human contact was there when it was needed the most.

And you gave a grieving family, living in multiple states, the ultimate gift – the opportunity to say goodbye virtually to a loved one as they took their last breath. This wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity. And we say, thank you!

We are dedicated to continuing this commitment, today, tomorrow and far into the future…fulfilling the promises we’ve made safeguarding independence, respect, and security for all of our community members. And to do this we need your help.

Join us in fulfilling our promise and making our mission come alive. Please make a gift today. Together, with foresight, dedication and generosity, we will continue meeting the needs of today, tomorrow and the promise of a bright future.


Thank you,

Brother Steven M. Petitjean
Executive Director


P.S. Your contribution ensures we can continue providing research based programming in our three memory care communities; the Resource Center assisting those living in their homes; and more importantly, hope, dignity and security to everyone we serve.

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