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We, as Masons, have a mission to assist not only our Brothers but all people in need.  The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons has a rich history of fulfilling that mission.  The most tangible example is expressed through our efforts in helping to establish The Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield, Ohio.

To build upon this history of helping all people in need, I am challenging every Royal Arch Mason to consider making a donation to The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation in support of Compassionate Care Education.  This program will provide funds for a wide range of educational programs intended to enhance care for all individuals suffering from memory loss.

The primary focus of these educational programs will be centered on the caregivers associated with the three Pathways Memory Care Centers on the campuses. Educating caregivers on how best to provide compassionate care will offer the dignity and respect every person impacted by memory loss issues deserves.

Having family members that were afflicted with Alzheimer’s, and they, having received wonderfully compassionate care through a licensed memory care facility, I’ve become especially committed to assisting The Ohio Masonic Home in raising funds for this cause.  Please consider engaging in this challenge, and if it’s within your means, or the means of your Masonic Lodge, or Royal Arch Chapter; I encourage you to make a contribution.

I would consider your support of this fundraising challenge a personal honor. If a personal financial contribution isn’t possible, please consider organizing a fund-raising project or event in support of this initiative.

Help us unlock the door and improve the quality of life for all impacted by this dreaded condition.

-MEC Daniel S. Smith, Grand High Priest