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Celebrating Kindness

Kindness in Action: SPRIGs bring holiday cheer

Her face broke out into a delighted smile as a volunteer handed her a pot with a beautiful red poinsettia in it.

“How much do I owe for this?” she asked.

“Nothing,” replied the volunteer, “it’s already been purchased by a supporter who wanted to share some holiday cheer with you.”

As her eyes teared up she said, “Make sure they know how much I appreciate it.”

This scene played out many times over at our three Ohio Masonic Home campuses as community residents received this touch of Christmas. Smiles abounded, stories of holidays past were shared, and volunteers were welcomed into homes to see how some residents were decorating for the holidays.

Amy Young, chairperson of the Medina “SPRIG” (Supporting People Reinvesting In Good), had an idea three years ago not only to raise funds in support of The Ohio Masonic Home Foundation, but also to share some holiday cheer with our community members. What began as a project to deliver poinsettias to every Western Reserve Masonic Community member at holiday time, has grown to celebrating at all three campuses.

Thanks to the support of donors, and volunteer assistance of Jim Huff, Worshipful Master of Medina Lodge; The Browning SPRIG; and the newly formed Columbus SPRIG; Amy’s idea blossomed across all three campuses in early December. Each resident received a personalized card which included the name of one of the poinsettia sponsors.

The Ohio Masonic Home volunteers and supporters are at the core of who we are. They impact our community members and our employees in such a profound way that their contributions leave a legacy of compassion and caring that could never be repaid.

If you want to make a lasting impact and become a part of that legacy by joining or establishing a SPRIG in your area, please contact Jesse Pertee at (330) 620-1752 or

Kindness in Action: Continued Care from Staff

We always remember when someone goes the extra mile to help us or a loved one.

In that moment, we feel special, we feel seen, and we feel loved.

Recently, a daughter and son-in-law of a community member sent a wonderful letter along with a donation to the Foundation to celebrate their mother’s life. In it, they expressed appreciation for the kindness of staff. In part, the letter reads:

“Please accept our sincere thanks to everyone who cared for mother. From laundry and housekeeping, Carla at Financial Services, and Matt who always put a smile on her face through music and exercise.

The incredible nurses at Pathways, especially Brittany and Erin, and all whose names I don’t remember. Audrey who kept me in touch with mother via FaceTime in a caring and loving way. Also Diane, Sasha and Rebecca who provided leadership and incredible kindness to all of us. I will close with thanks to all the administration who made hard decisions to protect all in your care.

Thank you and God bless you all for your service.”

Has someone offered exceptional care for one of your loved ones? Celebrate their care with a charitable gift in their honor.


Kindness in Connection: Building Bridges at Pathways

Mom always kept an immaculate house. The scent of fresh laundry brings her to mind. The Laundry Station brings back those moments of joy for her.

Cara Schuster, The Ohio Masonic Home Chief Clinical Officer shared, “Connecting Realities is being used to successfully engage residents with dementia. A relatively new approach, there is evidence that when the principles are effectively introduced into the living environment that anxiety levels decrease for the residents. By providing them with rewarding activities, we see a spark that connects them to memories of their past enjoyments.”

Focusing on the abilities, needs, interests and strengths of an individual with dementia helps staff to identify where the person with Alzheimer’s is “living” at that moment. Becoming more engaged with those around them leads to a better quality of life.

A feature of this program involves “life stations” with activities such as the Workshop, Music and Art Room, Office Area, Laundry Station, a Reading Nook and a Flower Station. The Connecting Realities stations were made possible by proceeds from the Ohio Masonic Home Foundation’s Golf Classic.

Join us for the ninth annual OMHF Golf Classic on Monday, June 13, 2021.

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